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TSA Nightmare Security Lines 'Inevitable,' Says DHS Secretary

The summer travel season isn't even here yet and security checkpoint lines at airports have become a traveler's nightmare.

From New York/New Jersey -- where airport officials are contemplating hiring private security firms to conduct screening -- to Atlanta, Chicago, and all points west, the appalling lines to get through security have the public in an uproar.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says the lines are "inevitable." That's debatable because the reason for the long wait times is that over the last two years, TSA has lost more than 5,000 employees while hiring fewer than 400.

The Daily Caller sounded the alarm late last month:

More than 100 of the Transportation Security Administration’s 48,000 airport screeners quit each week, and whistle-blowers told congressional investigators that “we remain an agency in crisis.”

The personnel losses affect airport screening times across the country.

Many airports are complaining that TSA is getting worse, not better,” said House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz

TSA staffers testified Wednesday that senior employees are often not held accountable for misconduct and the TSA office created a hostile work environment by intimidating personnel by abusing integrity testing.

A dysfunctional agency that is critical to the security of the flying public is a tragedy waiting to happen. And if you plan to fly this summer, best you leave a lot earlier than you might have planned. Airline experts are predicting long lines at TSA checkpoints this summer as the agency remains in crisis on several levels

How long? Check out the video on the next page taken at an unknown airport. (Warning: strong language.)