Decorated Marine Vet Beaten by Black Lives Matter Supporters in D.C.

Black Lives Matter activists and their supporters adopted a tactic about a year ago: storm restaurants and shame white diners with histrionics about "white privilege" and "police brutality."

As tweets and videos of their antics hit the web, the BLM agitators were quickly exposed as hate-filled malcontents filled with resentment and hostility towards white people.

"ATTN WHITE Man, I have no guilt disturbing your brunch. Its YOU that has no right to be here," one BLM protester tweeted in January of 2015 during a #BlackBrunch protest in New York City.

"Happening now & white fragility is on full display. When confronted with complicity in genocide most whites brains melt," said the same protester.

Another activist tweeted, "leadership in NYC just made a call to allies to physically STAND if they stand for black life. Put the pressure on em!!!"

A few months later during a similar protest in Atlanta, an activist tweeted: "Ready for your white tears."

Some left-wing media outlets actually applauded their obnoxious efforts.

Last week, the same menacing tactics were deployed by a group of black teens in Washington, D.C., with horrifying results.