Book: ‘Girl Power' Emphasis Making Young Men Feel ‘Unwanted'

Photo of Heather Mac Donald's new book "The Diversity Delusion" at a college campus, courtesy of St. Martin's Press.

A newly published book warns that the cult-like worship of diversity, social justice, and multiculturalism at universities is eroding our nation’s values on free speech, meritocracy, and the classical pursuits of open inquiry and expression.


But that’s not all.

In a Sunday interview with PJ Media, Manhattan Institute Fellow Heather Mac Donald — author of the new book “The Diversity Delusion” — warned that this diversity obesssion is hurting some of the students least likely to graduate: young men.

“The disappearance of men from higher education is in large measure driven by the incessant message coming from every level of the education system that males are the source of nothing but injustice,” worried Mac Donald.

“College after college inundates male students with workshops on toxic masculinity and rhetoric about rape culture,” she explained, adding that men would have to be a “glutton for punishment… to put up with the incessant ideological harangue.”

So, young men aren’t putting up with it.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 30 percent of men drop out of college during freshman year, and only about 38 percent graduate with a B.A. in four years. Women — on the other hand — have been more likely to graduate since 1981.

“Young men are discouraged from participating in school life by the constant incessant emphasis on ‘girl power’ and ‘you go girl’ messages,” said Mac Donald. “The impression is unavoidable that males are at best an afterthought and at worst unwanted.”


Further, Mac Donald also worries about the impact of what she calls “the diversity delusion” on young men’s psychological state. Men in university are “taught that race, sex, and sexual orientation are the most important aspects of the self.”

And if you’re a cis-white heterosexual male? “You are hopelessly doomed.”

Mac Donald’s new book, “The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture” was published this month by St. Martin’s Press. She previously authored “The War on Cops,” now a New York Times bestseller.

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