Video: Professor Urges Students to Break Laws

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Albert Ponce, a professor from Diablo Valley College, thinks we must tear the whole system down because some people aren’t doing as well as others.

And he wants your kids to handle the dirty work.


In a video posted at The Red Elephants, Ponce can be seen lecturing to a class that only white people should be standing for the National Anthem. Further, he argues that minorities should break laws they believe are unjust.

“[T]here were people here, the indigenous people, who were part … who paid a price, a very heavy price, for this project that is unfolding of white supremacy,” Ponce says.

Ponce continues: “That’s the beauty of the law — if you write it, you can convince all of us to follow it. Just like all of us do today. When you shouldn’t. Many of the laws existing, we should be violating those laws.”

Of course, Ponce then reveals who his views are shaped by: Karl Marx. Ponce says Marx was “one of the most profound thinkers in the history of Western philosophy.”


The above video is from a lecture Ponce gave outside of regular class time; he apparently requires his students to attend at least two of his lectures each term.

According to the student who forwarded the video to The Red Elephant, Ponce actively supports La Raza: the racist open-borders group that advocates for “returning” much of the American West to Mexico.

Ponce spouts not only terrible scholarship, but racism. But such neo-Marxist ideology and indoctrination of college students is typical these days. He’s one of the reasons people are becoming far less trusting of academia.

Hat tip: Campus Reform



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