CNN Not Allowed to Praise Trump for Anything, Apparently

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When President Trump addressed the nation on Monday, he was calm and measured. He focused on healing the nation and condemning the Las Vegas killer. He stated clearly he would be in Las Vegas in a couple of days, which is quick for a presidential visit anywhere. In short, he did exactly what he was supposed to do.


He did it well enough that even CNN, which is not known for having a lot of Donald Trump fans among its employees, praised the speech. As The Federalist reports, however, that’s simply not permitted.

CNN analyst David Chalian stated that “That’s everything you would want to hear from a president of the United States, everything that you wanted to hear there. I agree with what John and Jeff were saying — this was certainly pitch perfect.”

Those kind of remarks are simply shocking coming from CNN. While we were not expecting it, some of the other mainstream media outlets, such as the Washington Post, were quick to cast a shadow and rain down on the event.

Speeches provide journalists from mainstream organizations a remarkable opportunity to render a positive judgment on a man who is patently unfit to discharge the duties of his office. These are confined and discrete moments that, in the view of the Beltway crew, can be assessed in isolation. And on Monday morning’s presentation on CNN — an outfit constantly under the gun for supposedly biased coverage of Trump — there appeared to be a considerable effort to take advantage of that opportunity.

Anything to make the President look worse than he does, right?

It certainly looks that way.

I’ll be the first to criticize Trump’s communication skills most of the time. I pray regularly that someone will change his password on Twitter so he can’t get to it. The Great Communicator, he isn’t.


But this time he did it right. He said what needed to be said, what presidents have always needed to say at times like this. CNN merely acknowledged that fact. It’s not like they’re jumping on the Trump Train or anything. There will be no delivery of Make America Great Again hats at their studios.

They simply said he did a good job for once.

Why is that a problem? How can people who constantly compare the president to a child not comprehend that acknowledging “good” behavior may lead to encouraging more of that behavior?

The truth is that we were supposed to applaud Obama every time he opened his mouth, despite his own shortcomings, but there’s no expectation they apply that same standard to themselves.

Hypocrites, as usual.


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