Ohio State Student Refuses to Reveal Preferred Pronouns: 'If It Looks Like a Duck...'

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Who ever thought pronouns, those innocuous little words that take the place of other nouns in the English language, would ever cause so much of an issue? It was pretty simple when I was a kid. If someone was a girl, you used “she” — and if the person was a boy, you used “he.” Today, however, that’s problematic. Are you misgendering someone by assuming — because they have long hair, a dress, and boobs — they’re a girl?


So, to solve this “problem,” some have started stating their preferred pronouns so everyone will know what to use at any given point.

At The Ohio State University, this has become a thing among the student government, but one student is outright refusing. From The College Fix:

Nick Davis is someone who likes to stand up for common sense and his personal beliefs.


Today, he continues to buck left-leaning tendencies at the state’s flagship campus. Recently Davis, a member of the Undergraduate Student Government’s General Assembly, declined to put his preferred gender pronouns on his name tag.

Of the 40 student senators, Davis is the only one who did not go along with adding it.

The “He/him/his” “She/her/hers” additions to the name tags were not required. Nor, Davis said, did he think it was needed, at least in his case.

“I don’t think it is necessary when it comes to myself personally,” he told The College Fix.

He went on, “If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s safe to assume it’s a duck. I look like a male, I sound like a male, it’s safe to assume I’m a male.”

Seems fair enough.

While Davis doesn’t appear to be catching much of a backlash over his stance (at least not yet), this whole thing is stupid.

The LGBTQIAWTFBBQLMNOPOU812 community makes up a pretty small part of the population. Of that community, the pronoun issue affects only a tiny part — maybe two percent of the population. While everyone is freaking out about this tiny minority, they’re doing everything in their power to make what they term “cisgendered” look like some kind of bizarre abomination despite it being the norm for the vast majority of the population.


Davis standing up and refusing to play along with this ridiculous charade is something to be applauded, especially on a college campus. After all, this is ground zero of where this particularly insidious brand of identity politics plays out and becomes accepted.

When Davis quoted the old bit about the duck, he actually summed up my feelings on pronouns perfectly. If you look male and act male, I’ll label you as a male. I don’t really care that, despite your beard, lumberjack-esque clothing choices, and tattooed arms, you actually identify as a woman. If you want to be treated as a woman, dress and act the part. Period.

Just don’t get me started on any of the other 5,000 genders that seem to be floating around.

After all, they won’t accept my identity as a M1A2 Abrams main battle tank, so why should I accept “genderfluid”?


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