Daily News Article on ICE Arresting Crime Victims in Court Ignores Key Fact

The NY Daily News has posted a story about how illegal immigrants are concerned about being deported if they appear in court to testify as victims of violent crimes. It seems that ICE agents are spending a fair bit of time milling about courtrooms, looking for illegals. You know, doing their jobs and all that.


In uncovering this apparent injustice, the Daily News completely forgot to use the word “illegal” anywhere in the story:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s increasing presence in state courts has had a “chilling effect” on immigrant survivors of violence, advocates claim in a forthcoming survey the Daily News obtained.

The Immigrant Defense Project conducted a statewide survey, including all five New York City boroughs, of 225 advocates and lawyers from 31 counties over three weeks in June.

Those surveyed work in criminal, family and civil courts.

One-third of the participants said they had spotted ICE officers, as well as agency vehicles, around state courts, including in the five city boroughs.

And 44 of those surveyed said they had clients who ICE arrested in state courts, the Immigrant Defense Project data claims.

One-third of respondents, or 75, specifically work with immigrants victimized by violent crime.

If you read the whole thing, the one word you will not find is “illegal.”

You tell me: Why would ICE be arresting immigrants who are here legally?

This is yet another attempt by the leftist media to conflate “illegal immigrant” with all immigrants in an attempt to demonize the political opposition as racists or “nativists.”

It’s disingenuous to present illegal immigrants and legal immigrants as being in remotely similar camps. Many legal immigrants despise illegal immigration. They see it as cheating the difficult process they followed to enter the country legally, respecting its laws. The Left can’t win that argument, so they pretend any argument against illegal immigration is being against all immigration.


The Daily News article is an interesting attempt towards that cause, but it’s not particularly clever. Anyone remotely familiar with policy will read the story and understand something doesn’t sound right. Why would crime victims be arrested simply because they’re immigrants? What’s the crime here?

Oh, right.

It’s another hack story designed to elicit sympathy for criminals who have the unfortunate luck of being victims themselves. The truth is that risk was chosen, and accepted, by illegal immigrants the moment they chose to become criminals.

And they wonder why people don’t trust the mainstream media.


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