Trump Supporter Stabbed Nine Times Following Political Rally

Trump supporter Tony Forman is recovering today after being stabbed nine times. Ordinarily, even the fact that Forman was a Trump supporter wouldn’t be enough for this to appear on a site that covers national politics.


However, the circumstances surrounding Forman’s stabbing indicate this may not have been your average act of violence:

The pro-Trump supporter Tony Forman was right in the middle of a recent protest in Cathay where emotions ran hot over the sanctuary city controversy, but nothing like the violence that’s left Foreman now fighting for his life.

“This was politically motivated. That’s a concern because he is a good friend of mine,” Omar Navarro said. “I’m just really shocked someone would do this. What happened to free speech?”

The stabbing attack on Foreman is a hate crime because of his outspoken support for President Trump and the conservative agenda.

Not all of Forman’s friends are ready to say the crime was politically motivated, but it does appear that Forman’s race was brought up as he was being attacked.

Police, however, are not confirming that:

Santa Monica police did not mention a politically motivated crime, only confirming they arrested two suspects.

“The victim and suspects got into an argument that continued as both vehicles pulled out of a parking structure and allegedly resulted in a minor traffic collision,” police said

To call this concerning is an understatement. This comes less than a week after the attack in Alexandria that seriously injured Rep. Steve Scalise.


It also comes about two weeks after Huffington Post writer Jesse Benn wrote at Huffington Post that a violent response toward the Trump administration was “logical.” This is the same Jesse Benn who has this pinned on her Twitter feed.

In other words, it looks like the left is moving past violent rhetoric and towards violent actions. Writers like Benn appear to be giving license to the rank and file progressive to use violence against the right while also providing cover for that violence.

The idea isn’t to make people change their minds, though. It’s to make people too afraid to speak out against them so they can control the narrative completely. Once only one side is presented, they can go about convincing people that it’s because there aren’t any other sides to be considered.

Do not remain silent. Continue to make your stands.

Don’t go looking for trouble, either. But if trouble comes looking for you, be prepared to use any and all legal means at your disposal to put an end to it. Please.


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