NBA Accidentally Unleashes Full Force of Twitter on Amy Schumer—and Itself

Image via Twitter/NBA

NBA games have long been a place for celebrities to go and be seen courtside with their favorite teams. It’s kind of hard to think of the L.A. Lakers of days gone by without remembering Jack Nicholson courtside, or Spike Lee at a Knicks game. With the playoffs upon us, the spotlight is even brighter on the remaining teams, so it’s no surprise to find some celebrities there.


It’s understandable that the NBA would want to play this up. After all, it’s yet another reason for fans to pay money to see the games in person.

Unfortunately, whoever runs the NBA’s Twitter account isn’t as up on celebrity identities as someone in that role probably should be.

Amy Schumer. And a fan!

For the record, that’s none other than Dave Chappelle. While Chappelle has been out of the limelight for a while, he’s still not a nobody by any stretch of the imagination.

And Twitter decided to educate whoever handles the NBA’s social media…and take some nasty shots at Schumer in the process.

First, we have the classics.

But some folks got…well, creative.

It just keeps going on from there. In fact, it seemed like no one was going to accept Schumer as one of their own until one delegation took one for the team.


It wasn’t all directed at the vocally left-leaning Schumer, however. There were plenty of humorous responses recognizing that she wasn’t responsible for the tweet, no matter how much they may have wanted to pin it on her.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Twitter’s entire stock of Dave Chappelle gifs was exhausted in response to this one tweet.

I’ll bet whoever made that tweet sure knows who Dave Chappelle is now!


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