St. Olaf College Stands by Pro-Israel Advisor Targeted by Leftist Students

If someone had asked me a year ago where St. Olaf College was, I’d have correctly guessed Minnesota, but only because of The Golden Girls. This year, however, it’s been hard to avoid news about the small Lutheran college that has become so embattled by racial tensions.


Most recently, the school was effectively shut down for a day by protesters outraged over racist notes being left on students’ vehicles. But it turned out the final note that spurred the shutdown was a hoax, casting doubt on the others.

As part of those disruptive protests, a student activist group demanded that a “Zionist” advisor be removed. Because nothing says “racial equality” like a nice dollop of anti-Semitism.

As The College Fix reports, those students are going to be sorely disappointed:

Student protesters at St. Olaf College said alumnus Arne Christenson should lose his post on an advisory board because of his political and “Christian Zionist” views, as well his position with a pro-Israel organization. The university has now said otherwise.

In a document released Friday, the President’s Leadership Team at the small Lutheran college said calls to remove Christenson from his position on the advisory board of the school’s Institute for Freedom and Community “should not be met.”

Christenson is managing director of policy and politics of The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

The request to remove Christenson was included within a lengthy list of demands issued by the student group “The Collective for Change on the Hill,” following a string of alleged racial incidents on campus.


This is good news on multiple levels. For one, Christenson doesn’t stand accused of any wrongdoing except WrongThink. He simply holds an opinion on a topic that a group of fascist students want silenced. The oh-so-tolerant SJWs at St. Olaf have made it clear that, yet again, they don’t understand the meaning of the term “tolerant.”

It’s well past time that colleges do precisely what St. Olaf is doing by standing up to the social justice jihadis and their intolerant and illiberal demands.


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