Rahm Emanuel Wants to Withhold Diplomas Until He's Seen Your 'Plans'

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Rahm Emanuel needs a few things about America explained to him. For example, “Mayor” is not synonymous with “Dad.” And being coerced into doing what the government wants you to do with your life is not so compatible with liberty:


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proposed a new policy that won’t allow students to graduate from high school unless they present a plan to the government on what their post-graduation plans are.

The proposal would require students to prove that they’re entering some sort of educational or vocational program after graduation; a job offer or entering the military would also suffice. Exceptions are available in certain cases, such as in the case of illegal immigrant student or those who are in jail.

The proposal still needs to be approved by the city council, but if it is approved Chicago would be the first city to implement this type of policy.

Emmanuel believes what he’s doing is what’s best for students, stating that he wants to “make sure nobody spikes the ball at 12th grade,” and adding: “We want to make 14th grade universal. That’s the new goal line.”

To be sure, there’s nothing wrong with wanting kids to go to college or some other program. There is a positive correlation between increased education and increased lifetime wages, after all.

No, the problem here is that it’s not the government’s place to tell legal adults — most students are either 18 when they graduate or soon will be — that what they do with their lives must be “approved.” It doesn’t matter if you have no plans at all. No one can prevent that. And the government absolutely does not have any business knowing that information.


Further, what is this possibly going to accomplish? Nothing.

Kids who are inclined to go to school will still go. Those with no interest will go through whatever hoops they have to go through, then stop. They’re not particularly interested in more education, and simply forcing them to go in order to complete high school simply becomes a hurdle to jump over for their diploma.

That is, of course, assuming they actually care about the diploma. How many students only stick around because they’re close to completing high school? Now you’re going to throw up another roadblock toward that, and a number will just drop out instead of being required to jump through yet another hoop.

And who the hell thinks a government bureaucrat judging these “plan” proposals, by taking that worthless job in the first place, has any expertise in making wise life decisions?

The fact that there’s so much nanny-state failure in this isn’t difficult to see. But the Left always thinks it knows what’s good for you despite causing over a century of disaster, and it isn’t giving up any time soon.


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