Huffington Post Thrilled by Meaningless Dem Win in Delaware

Democrats are having a rough time these days. As a result, they’re grasping at straws to push the narrative that the political tides are somehow shifting in their favor.


The latest example is how the Huffington Post is touting completely unsurprising results from a special election as proof that the current insane tactics used by the left are working:

In the most expensive special election in Delaware history — a contest to decide which party controls the state Senate — Democrat Stephanie Hansen was on track to annihilate her Republican rival on the back of extraordinary turnout.

The last time her opponent, John Marino, ran in this district, in 2014, he lost by just 2 points. Hansen’s 58-42 percent victory over Marino on Saturday ensured that Democrats will maintain control of the state Senate. It also notched a big Donald Trump-era win for a new generation of Democratic activists shocked into action by the November election.

“We turned back that win from Washington and made sure it won’t hit Delaware,” Hansen said in her victory speech Saturday night.


A state so blue it hasn’t chosen a Republican presidential candidate since George H.W. Bush ran in 1988. It’s the state that gave us Joe Biden, for crying out loud.

Interestingly the 42 percent Marino garnered was almost exactly what Donald Trump won statewide in November. While Hanson’s percentage is well above Clinton’s 53.4 percent, there’s a noticeable lack of independent candidates pulling votes from anywhere.


So what does this mean? Despite Hansen’s claim of increased support following the Women’s March just days after the inauguration, there’s no evidence that it actually did anything for her at all. Hansen reports more volunteers than she ever had, which I’m sure helped a lot around the campaign office, but the result was predictable. An increase in volunteers might indicate those who were planning on voting for her were more motivated following the election, but says nothing about voters on the whole. Also, like the Tea Party before it, it motivated people from outside Delaware to donate to her campaign when they normally wouldn’t have. It’s unlikely many of those contributions would have come in had Hansen been running during the typical campaign season.

While the Huffington Post may want to crow about Hansen’s win, all we need to do is point and laugh. After all, the left’s only victory was a state senate race in a deeply blue state that wasn’t likely to be particularly red even if the GOP had won it.


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