College Progressives Try to Label Conservative Students as 'Hate Group'

Progressives love to preen about how tolerant they are, but we all know that only matters as long as different opinions aren’t on the table.

For example, take the tolerant crowd at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. They found no issue with a class bashing white people — but the idea that conservatives might be thinking conservative things on campus was a bridge too far for them.


A student group called the Student Coalition for Progress began a petition seeking to have the conservative student group Young Americans for Freedom labeled a “hate group”:

The 3-week-old petition, titled “Denounce Young Americans for Freedom and the alt-right,” also recommended Young Americans for Freedom members be subjected to “intensive diversity training.”

The petition was launched about a month after YAF hosted conservative columnist Ben Shapiro on campus to speak about microaggressions, safe spaces and free speech. The petition decried Shapiro’s visit, claiming it made minority students feel unsafe, and accused Shapiro of denying “systematic and institutional violences” against so-called marginalized communities.

The petition also claimed “members of YAF have further contributed to making campus a hostile environment by attempting to out and misgender LGBTQIA+ students as well as have individually confronted and made unsafe prominent members of student government.”

The group also blames YAF members for blowing the whistle on the school’s “Problem of Whiteness” class, though The College Fix claims they learned of the story through a Multicultural Student Center email.

Honestly, it’s almost as if the Student Coalition for Progress is an example of Poe’s Law, since they’re hitting all the progressive checklist items including re-education camps “intensive diversity training.”


Luckily, this was a bit much even for the uber-progressive student body of UW-Madison. The petition was dropped from’s site for too few signatures after it picked up a couple hundred initially, then stalled.

Unless there is a fundamental change on college campuses, it’s just a matter of time before one of these plans actually succeeds. A group that does nothing more than disagree with progressive orthodoxy will be subjected to Orwellian measures like the Student Coalition for Progress advocated.

Any allegedly “tolerant” individual who pushes this deserves to be ridiculed for their hypocrisy. These groupthink, liberty-crushing ideas should never be tolerated.


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