'Chicago Sun-Times' Tries to Lecture Cleveland on Gun Violence

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The news reports coming out of Chicago indicate that the Windy City is more of a war zone than most of the United States. There’s a reason some folks like to call it Chiraq, after all. It’s downright ugly.


However, that’s not going to stop the editorial board of the Chicago Sun-Times from lecturing Cleveland on the dangers of gun violence as the Ohio city is about to play host to the Republican National Convention.

On the streets outside a national political convention, citizens should have the right to give thundering voice to issues they care about. But how free will any protesters feel to shout out their minds at the Republican National Convention next week if others who disagree take advantage of Ohio’s lax laws to tote powerful weapons outside the hall?

Although many protesters no doubt will show up in Cleveland, we wonder how many will quietly stay home, unnerved at the thought of marching amid so much firepower. The chilling effect is a problem cropping up even at local community meetings across the country as more state legislatures permit people to openly carry formidable firearms.

That’s one of many conflicts inherent in America’s nonsensical gun laws that will be on display in the run-up to the convention, which starts Monday.

Of course, they kvetch over things like Ohio’s open carry law and try to scream hypocrisy because of a handful of rules put in place such as a pro-Trump rally banning the carry of long guns (while permitting handguns) and rules that prevent the carry of weapons inside the convention hall (a rule that may have more to do with the Secret Service than RNC organizers).


However, it all boils down to Chicago elites trying to tell someone else how to combat a problem they have been powerless to do anything about themselves.

In fact, Chicago’s gun violence epidemic has even been blamed on the ACLU and Ferguson by street cops.

Regardless, Chicago doesn’t have any answers to their own violence.  That clearly won’t stop them from pretending that any rule in place for any reason is a hypocrisy by pro-gun activists that typically finds a home in the Republican Party.

Tell you what, guys. Get your own town in order first, and then the rest of us may be willing to listen. Don’t worry though, I’m not holding my breath.


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