ISIS Threatened Twitter over Blocked Terror Accounts

On Monday, Twitter officials revealed that ISIS has threatened Twitter employees including co-founder Jack Dorsey because the company has been blocking terror-related accounts. Law enforcement is working with Twitter about the threats.


“Our security team is investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials,” according to a Twitter statement.

The NYPD is also on the case, saying they will keep a closer eye on the New York Twitter offices.

“We are aware of the current threat,” said John Miller, the NYPD’s deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter-terrorism. “We have been in touch with Twitter, their security people. Our critical response vehicles have that as a regular location. They know us we know them and we are working on it.”

ISIS wrote on the website JustPasteIt that Twitter cannot dodge the “lions” coming for them.  The message reads:

“We told you from the beginning that this was not your war. How, Jack [Dorsey], will you protect your wretched employees when their necks are an official target for the soldiers of the caliphate and its allies who are scattered among your midst? How will you answer their families and their children since you embroiled them in this failed war?,” according to the post.

“Your virtual war against us on the internet will pull you into a real war on the ground. There is no escape: it is only a matter of time,  and perhaps one of the bloodthirsty crusading lions has already begun to move in reality.”

The online terrorist supporter continued: “Picture the scene: while one of Twitter’s employees leaves a nearby bar in the neighborhood, reeling and groping about him because of drink and the dark shadows [that have gathered] upon you, and if a lone lion stationed in the shadows should leap upon him and cut his throat, what would be in the way?”


The message also included a picture of Jack Dorsey in crosshairs.


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