Boeing CEO: NLRB will end up sending jobs overseas

Writing in the WSJ today, Boeing CEO Jim McNerney states the obvious: The Obama NLRB’s heavy-handed move against Boeing in South Carolina could end up hurting union states and shipping American jobs overseas.


The world the NLRB wants to create with its complaint would effectively prevent all companies from placing new plants in right-to-work states if they have existing plants in unionized states. But as an unintended consequence, forward-thinking CEOs also would be reluctant to place new plants in unionized states—lest they be forever restricted from placing future plants elsewhere across the country.

U.S. tax and regulatory policies already make it more attractive for many companies to build new manufacturing capacity overseas. That’s something the administration has said it wants to change and is taking steps to address. It appears that message hasn’t made it to the front offices of the NLRB.

Read the whole thing.


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