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Amid Calls for Closing Borders, UN Demands That Europe Keep Importing 'Migrants'

When this push finally comes to shove, things are going to get really ugly on the old Continent. First up:

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has called for an ‘immediate halt’ to the intake of migrants into France following the deadly jihadist attacks on Paris which left 129 people dead. Le Pen’s National Front (FN) party said in a statement that one of the attackers, known only as Ahmed al-Mohammed, had arrived in Greece last month ‘among the mass of migrants who flow into Europe each day.’ The statement, issued three weeks ahead of regional elections in France, added: ‘As a precaution, Marine Le Pen calls for the immediate halt of all intake of migrants in France.’ In view of Friday’s attacks, which claimed 129 lives, France’s assent to the EU-wide obligatory quota system for migrants was ‘irresponsible’, the statement said.

In Germany, the year-old PEGIDA protest movement – short for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident – was hoping to draw large crowds for their Monday protest in the eastern city of Dresden, having attracted their highest-ever turnout of 25,000 after the January attacks against the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. Its founder Lutz Bachmann urged followers to protest against ‘those who come here bring terror to the country’, and against the government’s welcoming stance that is expected to bring one million asylum-seekers to Germany this year. In a weekend Facebook posting, Bachmann had even accused Chancellor Angela Merkel of sharing blame for the attacks.

Meanwhile, back in Turtle Bay:

The United Nations on Tuesday urged states not to “backtrack” on pledges made to host migrants and refugees, including from Syria, in the wake of the attacks in Paris. Multiple UN agencies issued a warning to European leaders who might use the tragedy to advance anti-migrant policies, stressing that many of those seeking refuge in Europe have also been the victims of extremists. Of the estimated 1.1 million migrants who have landed in Europe via the Mediterranean since 2013, less than six “have raised questions in terms of possible links to extremism,” said International Organization for Migration spokesman Joel Millman. Millman noted that the IOM, which received that information from individual governments, has no evidence that any of those people were ever involved in acts of violence.

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, as the lawyers say. But, as the Clintons’ careers have amply demonstrated, “you can’t prove it!” is an all-purpose mantra on the Left.

Using that information as a pretext to curb migration by vulnerable people into Europe could prove disastrous, UN representatives said. “We are concerned about the reactions from some states to end programmes being put in place, backtracking from commitments made to manage the refugee crisis,” said UN refugee agency (UNHCR) spokeswoman Melissa Fleming. “Refugees should not be turned into scapegoats and must not become the secondary victims of these most tragic events,” Fleming added.

They are, however, impervious to actual evidence — such as the attacks in Paris — in order to preserve their precious “programmes.” Bureaucracy will be the death of us all.