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Report: A Syrian Refugee Has Gone Missing in Louisiana UPDATE: State Dept. Says They Know the Whereabouts

syrian refugee baton rouge

UPDATE: “Louisiana State Police spokesman Doug Cain told the Hayride that the whereabouts of the refugee are known by the State Department, whose job it is to monitor refugees, though their monitoring practices have been questioned.”


A Syrian refugee who was in the process of being settled in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has gone missing, WBRZ Channel 2 reported Monday.

…we’re told the immigrant left after a few days, and Catholic Charities doesn’t know where he or she went.

Catholic Charities helps migrants resettle, but it’s not their job to keep track of them.

The State Department confirmed that 14 Syrian refugees have been allowed into Louisiana so far this year.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal issued an executive order Monday morning to prevent more Syrian refugees from entering into Louisiana.

Since January, 1,809 Syrian refugees have been admitted to the U.S., according to data from the Refugee Processing Center.