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Germany Descending Toward Anarchy as Migrants Pour In

Germany descends into anarchy. So claims Hansjoerg Mueller of the Alternative for Germany party in an interview with Russia Today.

A local government official named Peter Dreier has told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he will send any migrant refugees above a certain number to her Chancellery in Berlin. Dreier says the Bavarian town of Landshut can only handle roughly 1,800 migrants. Merkel’s government continues to welcome hundreds of thousands.

Russia Today asked Mueller whether Dreier had the authority to transport refugees from Landshut to Berlin. He answered:

Usually [an official in Dreier’s position] does not have the power, but we are not living in usual times. What we are now looking at is more and more Germany sliding towards anarchy. In this situation I think less and less is determined by law, more and more is determined by who acts. And the person who acts in fact has the power. So if he sends … refugees to Berlin, he sends them!

It’s tough to argue with. If you’re going to claim that a town has to deal with thousands of unwelcome refugees, how can you object when that town answers, “Back at you”?