As Temps Drop, 'Migrants' In Danger of Freezing To Death: Germany

It gets cold at night this time of year in the Alpine lands, apparently:

Police near Passau, on the Bavarian border with Austria, have warned that there are no places left in emergency accommodation centres as crowds wait to cross into Germany in plummeting temperatures. “It’s only a question of time before the first baby freezes to death here,” Passau district police spokesman Lothar Venus said.

Around 2,500 people were waiting in the open on the Austrian side of the border on Wednesday night, huddling together under the harsh glare of searchlights. Police have complained that Austrian authorities often bring large groups to the border in the late afternoon or evening. “It’s no problem up until midday. But in the late afternoon, it’s blow after blow. Our Austrian colleagues are just as overloaded as we are,” Freyung district police spokesman Thomas Schweikl said.

At 700 metres above sea level, temperatures fell to around 2 C, and a stream flowing nearby added damp to the harsh conditions. On the German side, there are simply not enough buses to bring refugees to accommodation elsewhere in Bavaria, leaving them stuck until transport arrives.



All eyes will be on a meeting Angela Merkel has called with state leaders this weekend to deal with the problem. The Chancellor’s gathering is a response to Bavarian state premier Horst Seehofer’s ultimatum demanding that she work with Austria to stop the flow of people by Sunday – or else he would act on his own initiative.

The sooner the Merkel government falls, the better, although horrendous damage has already been done to the notion of the nation-state. But isn’t it about time to ask: who is financing this massive movement of the ummah into Christendom? Who’s paying for their cell phones? Who is directing the invasion? But, of course, nobody wants to know the answers.


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