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Selling the Rope to Hang Them

Despite signs of pushback from the native populations, the EU continues its mad dash to welcome, embrace and support the invading “migrants” from the ummah, the avant-garde of the coming caliphate:


German automaker Daimler AG says it’s giving the German Red Cross more than 600,000 euros ($667,000) it collected through a company employee donation program to help the agency deal with the flood of asylum-seekers into the country. Daimler said Friday it collected 300,666 euros from employees in the monthlong internal fundraising drive and that the company was matching the donations euro-for-euro, doubling the sum. The company says the Red Cross will use the money where’s most needed; at the moment for housing for newcomers and to bring in more personnel to help. Daimler next month is also starting a program to bring in 40 asylum-seekers as trainees at its Mercedes-Benz plant in Stuttgart.

Good luck with retraining all those Syrian “doctors.” Meanwhile:

Slovenia’s prime minister says his country has asked the European Commission for 60 million euros ($68 million) over six months to aid the handling of thousands of migrants passing through. Miro Cerar said on public broadcaster TV Slovenia late Thursday that apart from financial aid, Slovenia has also requested police gear and personnel from the EU. He says several countries already have offered to send police with Slovenia’s force stretched to the limits. Cerar said that 13,000 newcomers entering the small Balkan nation of 2 million in one day is as if half a million would enter Germany. Nearly 50,000 migrants have entered Slovenia since Hungary closed its border with Croatia Saturday and migrants turned to the Alpine nation for a new passage to Western Europe.


And now the calendar comes into play:

Thousands of migrants, including small children, have spent the night out in the open in near-freezing cold waiting to cross the Serbian border with Croatia. A U.N. refugee agency field officer said Friday about 5,000 migrants were stuck at the muddy crossing overnight because Croatian police temporarily closed the border passage. Maher Is’haqat, a Protection Officer from the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees says “it was a very cold night.” He says the migrants were obliged to stay at the crossing overnight. People have been lighting fires and using blankets and tents to warm up. Croatian police have been letting in smaller groups since early in the morning.

Since Hungary closed its border with Croatia to migrants on Saturday, they now travel from Croatia to Slovenia on their way toward northern Europe.

What happens when the Slovenians get tired of the hordes tramping illegally through their country? Stay tuned.



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