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NBC's Pro-Palestinian Bias Is Showing

Ayman Mohyeldin reporting

NBC News has a serious credibility problem. In recent years, the left-leaning network has become characterized by its inaccurate and biased reporting.

Their absurdly pro-Palestinian reporting on the latest wave of terror attacks in Israel this past week, however, threatens to destroy what little credibility they have left.

In a live report from Jerusalem on October 14, NBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin, an Egyptian-born Muslim, attempted to suggest that the Palestinian man the Israeli police killed at a checkpoint in Jerusalem was not armed with a knife.

Mohyeldin stressed that the terrorist who was shot appeared to be a “young man” who was not “particularly armed.”

“They didn’t find any explosive devices on him,” Mohyeldin breathlessly reported. “I was trying to keep an eye to see if they were taking anything off of his body, perhaps if they took a gun, if there was a gun that was visible. There was no gun that was visible. And at one point, we could clearly see from where we were lying, from where we were standing where his body was lying, both of his hands were open and both of his hands did not have a knife.”

While Mohyeldin was spinning his yarn about an unarmed Palestinian teenager shot down by Israeli police, MSNBC was actually showing an image on the split screen of the terrorist wielding a large knife and running down the stairs.

Palestinian man shot by Israeli police

Mohyeldin’s colleague, Jose Diaz-Balart, had to butt in at this point to correct the record.

“We can’t really determine what he has in his left hand,” Diaz-Balart gently informed him, “but he’s holding something in his left hand (it was a cell phone) and in his right hand, it’s fisted and you see coming right out of the fist what appears to be, like at least a five-inch or longer black blade.”

Mohyeldin furiously back-peddled in an attempt to save face, but the damage was done. He had been caught in the act of trying to spin a false narrative in the wake of a violent incident — something agenda-driven reporters have had great success at doing here in the United States, and abroad.

Richard Grenell at Fox News reported that Mohyeldin’s biased reporting consistently leaves out “details to make the Israelis look like aggressors and the Palestinians appear innocent of terrorist activities.”

Earlier this year, Mohyeldin said Chris Kyle, the subject of the movie American Sniper, had “racist tendencies” toward Muslims and had gone on a “killing spree” in Iraq. (Kyle was responsible for killing terrorists who were trying to kill U.S. soldiers.) In response to his comments, 22 retired U.S. generals and national security officials petitioned NBC News and its parent company, Comcast, to force Mohyeldin to apologize.

In 2012, Mohyeldin criticized the United States for not officially recognizing the terrorist group Hamas and not sufficiently “reining in Israel.”

NBC News is apparently comfortable with Mohyeldin’s outrageously biased reporting because he remains at the network.

Mohyeldin may be the worst pro-Palestinian apologist at NBC, but he isn’t the only one.

In their Oct. 14 NBC report, “Dispute Over Viral Video of Shot Ahmed Manasrah Sums Up Israel-Palestinian Conflict,” Cassandra Vinograd, Lawajez Jabari and Paul Goldman erroneously reported that 13-year-old Ahmed Manasrah, who carried out stabbing attacks against Israeli civilians, was shot dead by Israeli police when he was only wounded.
The three argue that the facts are simply too murky to determine whether or not 13-year-old Ahmed Manasrah carried out stabbing attacks against Israeli civilians, including possibly, a child, before Israelis forces shot him dead.
In the NBC piece, the trio place the unfounded vitriolic allegation proliferating on Palestinian social media, and outrageously repeated by Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, that the innocent Manasrah was shot in cold blood on equal footing with information confirmed by Israeli witnesses, police and medical workers that Manasrah stabbed and critically wounded two Israelis, including a 13-year-old.
In order to present the false Palestinian claims as at least as credible, it not more so, than the information provided by Israeli police and emergency medical services, as well as from footage of the attack, the NBC reporters cover up the fact that Abbas himself lied that the Israelis shot the boy dead, when clearly he is still alive.

Earth to NBC — there is no legitimate “dispute,” the kid was a terrorist. Manasrah was arrested by Israeli police Sunday night after he was released from the hospital.

Last week, MSNBC aired some wildly inaccurate graphics that depicted Israel as stealing land from the Palestinians.

Via The Washington Free Beacon:

The cable news network has been fighting off criticism after it aired the graphics and analysis, including a map linked to conspiracy groups branded as anti-Semitic, that portrayed Israel as existing on territory expropriated from Palestine.

MSNBC has since admitted that the graphics were “factually wrong” and that the broadcast would be corrected on Monday.

Deborah Turness, the president of NBC News, apparently has a history of anti-Israel media bias.

Turness, a British journalist who came to NBC in May of 2013, had been editor of Independent Television’s ITV News since 2004.

Eric Rozenman, Washington director of CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America), said the following in the wake of NBC’s hiring of Turness: “During her tenure, ITV aired a number of one-sided, misleading broadcasts that amounted to anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian propaganda.”

It certainly looks like she brought that anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian bias with her to NBC.