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Barn Door Still Open, EU Warns Turkey to Cut Down Flow of 'Migrants'

The rump state of the old Ottoman Empire, modern Turkey, is a member of NATO and hopes to join the European Union itself. Which, when you stop to think about it, pretty much invalidates the whole idea of a “European” Union in the first place. Further, the once-secular Turkey is now rapidly Islamicizing. So it continues to be a wise policy for the Europeans to keep the Turks at arm’s length while pretending to consider their application for membership in the formerly Christian West:

European Council President Donald Tusk warned Turkey on Tuesday that it will only win concessions from the EU, such as easier travel visas, if it successfully reduces the flow of refugees reaching Europe. In a letter to EU leaders setting the agenda for a summit he will chair in Brussels on Thursday, Tusk noted the start this month of negotiations on the migrant crisis with Turkey, which EU officials say wants more visa waivers, more EU funding and progress on its longstanding application to join the bloc.

“An agreement with Turkey makes sense if it effectively reduces the inflow of refugees,” Tusk wrote on the eve of a visit by senior European Commission officials to Ankara. “Concessions will only be justified when this goal is achieved.”

Tusk, a conservative former prime minister of Poland, is trying to steer the divided 28-nation Council toward consensus on proposals put forward by the executive Commission. He visited Turkey last month and hosted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on a visit to Brussels last week during which the Commission set out various ways in which Ankara could help control migration.

Erdogan has little or no interest in reducing the flow of Muslim “migrants” into the West and everybody knows it. Those who know it better than most are the old Warsaw Pact states who’ve been on the front lines of the war against Islam for a thousand years, including Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland. The idea of bringing Turkey into the EU would be a final act of cultural suicide.