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Journalism's Death Rattle: WaPo Wastes 1000 Words Lamenting 'Inequality' in...Breakfast Sandwiches

Almost have to feel sorry for the pathetic existence that leads someone to write this headline:

Inequality in everything: The rich get better breakfast sandwiches, too

Breakfast sandwiches, Wells explained, are nothing if not practical, prepared quickly and eaten on the go, stuffed with modest ingredients and sold at a reasonable price. No matter how nice the cheese or expensive the bacon, he wrote, nothing would ever live up to the original, no-frills sandwich: “the classic and possibly highest formulation: bacon, scrambled eggs and cheese on a roll.” And yet here was a trendy new spot, readying itself to sell fancy pants egg sandwiches at four times the normal price. That is, for as much as $11.50.

Wells’s angst was the angst of anyone who feels queasy about the upscalification (yes, that’s a made-up word) of anything originally made by and for the working class. And it’s well founded. The most salient thing about BEC isn’t, of course, that it exists, but rather that it’s not really an outlier. Much to the chagrin of bacon, egg and cheese purists everywhere, breakfast sandwiches have been moving upscale for quite sometime.

I would like to assure the special snowflake charged with fighting the goo McMuffin fight that there isn’t a rational human being on the planet experiencing any “angst” about breakfast sandwiches, expensive or not.

There is something odd about the fact that liberals in the coastal media bubbles are constantly amazed that people who have more money spend more money on things. It is especially amusing given that the cities these people populate tend to be the highest cost of living areas in America.

We get it, you feel guilty that you can afford a two thousand dollar a month studio apartment so you need to pretend to lose sleep over an $11 breakfast sandwich (that you would probably murder your upstairs neighbor for) in order to keep some bleeding heart cred.

A lot of this attitude is rooted in the egocentric world view upon which liberalism is built. Rich libs think that poor people sit around thinking about the same things they do. It never occurs to them that the person without a job is more concerned with finding work than obsessing over how much a bodega is charging for a Romney McMuffin.

There is also the “freedom hating” aspect inherent in leftism. It galls them to no end that some people have the money to do what they want and (for now) live in a country where they have the freedom to do so.

Most of us don’t care if a rich guy wants to spend a thousand dollars on breakfast: he’s not hurting us. He is only upsetting to people who believe his success is at their expense and that they deserve what he has.

Yes, they’re children.

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