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WWIII Update: Russian Missiles Aimed at Syria Crash in Iran

Meanwhile, in non-Kevin McCarthy news…

Cruise missiles fired by Russia from warships in the Caspian Sea at targets in Syria crashed in a rural area of Iran, senior United States officials said on Thursday.

It was unclear exactly where in Iran the missiles had landed, or whether there were any casualties. The officials said the flight path of the Russian cruise missiles would have taken them across northern sections of Iran and Iraq on the way to Syria. But not all of them made it there, one official said.

The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss military intelligence.

While the saner among us continue to simply nod and say some version of, “Duh” whenever there is any news about Russia’s military actions anywhere, the Obama administration and the MSM (I know, I know, redundant) keep being surprised. Bless their hearts for being able to completely block out all recent memory about Obama policy failures and the results of his weakness.

Worry not, however, Team Lightbringer is still in the business of serious finger-wagging in times like this:

News of the crashes, which were reported by CNN, came as Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter sharply criticized what he called Russia’s “unprofessional” conduct in its incursion into Syria. Speaking at a NATO news conference in Brussels, Mr. Carter said that Moscow had fired the barrage of cruise missiles with no advance notice.

Unprofessional! That should get Vlad back in line. If he keeps doing whatever he wants “with no advance notice” he may very well be subjected to another stern Twitter hashtagging.