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Panicky Team Hillary Begins Oppo Research on Biden

Somebody is hearing footsteps.

Researchers working on behalf of Hillary Clinton are searching for dirt on vice president Joe Biden in case he decides to enter the race to become the Democratic nominee for president.

A team of “opposition researchers” was reportedly set up last month to comb through Mr Biden’s long record in office and come up with unsavoury revelations.

The operation is being conducted by pro-Hillary group Correct the Records, accoring to New York Magazine.

With rumors that even her own people think New Hampshire is lost to Comrade Bernie, and the White House publicly saying they’re totally down with Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep running for president, it probably wasn’t a pleasant day to be close to the Duchess of Sour.

Biden first went to the Senate when our military still used muskets and has been one heartbeat away from the presidency for seven years. Throw in the fact that he has already run for the top job and it’s likely that all the dirt there is to dig up on him has done been dug.

The vice president has also been very careful about this, and probably wouldn’t even get into the race unless he was reasonably assured that a lot of Hillary supporters were going to come his way. It’s not as if they’re fighting for different constituencies in the Democratic Party after all.

This is about the time in the 2008 cycle when Hillary’s “inevitability” started to crack.

And there was only one guy in that race who could beat her.