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Taliban Takeover of Kunduz Picks Up Strength

Oh boy.

Taliban fighters seized a military hilltop site in Kunduz, tightening their grip on the northern Afghan city on Wednesday.

NATO special forces joined Afghan troops Kunduz to try to push back Taliban insurgents, repelled a counter-offensive and advanced on the airport to shore up their biggest victory in 14 years.

Heavy fighting was underway near the northern city’s airport where government forces are holed up, highlighting the potent challenge the militants pose after their lightning capture of Kunduz.

The Taliban’s occupation — now in its third day — raises troubling questions about the capabilities of Afghan forces as they battle the militants largely on their own after NATO’s combat mission ended last December.

Will the last enemy to take back territory won by Western (specifically American) military men and women during the Obama years turn the light off when he leaves?

You get what I mean.

President Peace Prize is leaving a trail of telegraphed exit carnage as a legacy. Why, it’s almost as if the various enemies knew exactly how long they had to rebuild and be patient because someone in a position of authority let them know.

Anything for a couple of applause lines in a speech, right Mr. President?

Remember, this is all happening at a time when The Idiot King is threatening to veto extra funding for the Overseas Contingency Operations budget, despite the fact that the world he’s helped create is quite the contingency-rich environment.