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British Jihadist Who Complained About Bad Manners Fields 'Ask ISIS' Q&A


The British jihadist who complained about bad manners and dirty kitchens in the Islamic State is back with an “ask ISIS” Q&A, complete with advice to a Western woman fearful she won’t be able to compete with “pretty teenagers” to find a jihadist hubby.

Omar Hussain, a 27-year-old former grocery store security guard from southern England, goes by Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani since running off to join ISIS. He frequently writes PR, including an appeal for doctors to come to the Islamic State, and other missives including his gripe-fest about Arabs.

Today the United Nations levied sanctions against Hussain and three other Brits by the request of Prime Minister David Cameron’s government for “participating in the financing, planning, facilitating, preparing, or perpetrating of acts or activities by, in conjunction with, under the name of, on behalf of, or in support of,” “recruiting for” and “otherwise supporting acts or activities of” ISIS.

Cameron’s office said the move “underlines the government’s determination that those who go and fight for ISIL and threaten Britain will face consequences for their actions.”

Hussain’s Q&A posts on his Tumblr account are recent, referencing Eid al-Adha last week and the Sept. 24 stampede at Mecca that killed several hundred.

“I feel sorry for them. They went to Hajj when the road of jihad was open,” he says. “Abdullaah Ibn Umar [7th century Islamic scholar] said, ‘One trip to Jihad is better than 50 trips to hajj.’ Waste of money.”

When one questioner comments on all the junk food in his pictures of Islamic State shops and asks if healthier choices are available, Hussain doesn’t resurrect his previous criticism of atrocious mealtime manners in his new home.

“Yes we can get meat, fish, nuts, tea, coffee etc.,” he replies. “I would take another pic for you, but all shops are closed today due to Eid.”

Asked about his own hijrah — pilgrimage to the Islamic State — he notes it’s “a long story, I got stopped in the airport and was questioned for about 3 hours and then let go by the blind kuffaar [nonbelievers]. Alhamdulillaah they believed every lie i told them (idiots! lol).”

Hussain said he used in Turkey “a fake syrian ID card which had a pic of a guy who looked nothing like me, lol.” He first joined the al-Nusra Front in Idlib but then went over to ISIS. With Nusra, he notes, Shariah was the law but “they never implemented anything.”

One woman tells Hussain she’ll be running off to the Islamic State soon, but is “concerned” she won’t find a husband because “I am not young and attractive and I also don’t know how to cook.”

Hussain assures her that he knows “brothers who wouldn’t mind marrying sisters in their 40’s,” and also stresses that since he and other Westerners in the Islamic State have been without their cuisine for so long “even the most basic of food cooked by a woman from the West will be amazing.”

As far as her looks, the British jihadi says all will be fine as long as she finds a “pious brother” who’s “unlike the Kaafir who gazes at 100 women everyday.”

Another asks why non-Muslim women in ISIS-occupied territory are forced to cover up from head to toe.

“We do not force them to cover up, this is just one of the laws of our country, if they wish to abide by them they are welcome to stay, if they wish to break the law of the country, then like every other country they will be punished for committing a crime, and here its a crime for a woman to publically cause temptation, as its immoral,” Hussain replies, adding that “the only people who have a problem with us having this law is perverts and paedophiles who love to gaze upon everything unlawful.”

Another asks what contraception is available or if they can exercise family planning in the Islamic State. “What other methods are available, its not something I’ve looked into,” he replies. Hussain has previously complained about not having found a wife.

He also fielded some religious debate, though without much patience for questioners.

“What evidence do you use to determine which books are reliable and which ones are just made up stories?” one asks, noting that the jihadi relies on the Quran while dissing the Bible.

“It seems like nothing I say goes into that thick skull of yours,” Hussain fires back. “…Read the Quran and then you will know for sure its a book sent down from God. As for the bible, then its full of contradictions and pornography.”

He tells another questioner that the fundamentals of Christianity, specifically the Holy Trinity, do “not make sense to anyone and no one can logically explain it.”

“Your line of argument is cancelling out debate and discussion, forcing people to blindly believe in something which is confusing and makes no sense,” Hussain states. “There’s no difference in believing that God is a monkey then.”

One questioner simply notes that he looks like the late al-Qaeda imam and recruiter, New Mexico native Anwar al-Awlaki.

“Yeah everyone says that about me,” the Brit replies.