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Even as McConnell Gives Planned Parenthood a Pass, MSM Continues to Cover for Group

The Bad Ship Failure continues to sail.

The U.S. Senate, racing against a Sept. 30 deadline, has scheduled a procedural vote on Monday for legislation that would temporarily fund the federal government and avoid agency shutdowns on Oct. 1.

The legislation would not contain a provision that would defund women’s healthcare provider Planned Parenthood.

Those of us not suffering from amnesia knew that Mitch McConnell (aka “The Greatest Senate Majority Leader the Democrats Have Ever Had) would cave on this, but this little part of the short article caught my eye:

Congressional Republicans had been targeting the must-pass spending bill as a way to end Planned Parenthood’s federal funds after allegations, which it denies, that it improperly sold fetal tissue from abortions.

Classic media you-know-what covering for liberals. Instead of mentioning the series of videos in which Planned Parenthood was caught red-handed, it mentions “allegations.” That reinforces the leftist narrative that this is something that’s being inferred from the videos rather than it being something that everyone can plainly see for themselves.

Then, as the MSM always do, the denial by Planned Parenthood is left unchallenged. Were the situation reversed and a conservative individual or organization on the receiving end of allegations, two paragraphs of rebuttals to the denial would have followed.

This is the double-whammy conservatives face: media complicit in maintaining false liberal narratives and Republican leadership unwilling to ever fight back.

Remember that the next time someone calls Ted Cruz “arrogant” for daring to push back against Ol’ Blubberneck.