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Report: FBI Recovered Deleted Emails From Hillary Clinton's Server (Video)

Remember Hillary Clinton’s press conference disaster last month? The one where she “took responsibility” for making a bad decision and claimed that she had no idea if her server had been wiped clean after she had deleted 30,000 emails? Wiped clean? she joked. “Like with a cloth or something?”

Well, Hillary can rest easy tonight. At least some of her long-lost emails are now in the hands of James Comey’s FBI.

Bloomberg reported Tuesday night that according to a source, the FBI has been able to recover personal and  work-related e-mails from her private computer server from her time as secretary of state.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s success at salvaging personal e-mails that Clinton said had been deleted raises the possibility that the Democratic presidential candidate’s correspondence eventually could become public. The disclosure of such e-mails would likely fan the controversy over Clinton’s use of a private e-mail system for official business.

The FBI is investigating how and why classified information ended up on Clinton’s server. The probe probably will take at least several more months, according to the person, who described the matter on condition of anonymity because the investigation is continuing and deals with sensitive information.

Fox News’ Ed Henry noted on The Kelly File Tuesday night that if the FBI has indeed recovered work-related emails — “official emails that were deleted — this would be a game changer.” He added that “it would change the narrative and suggest that she wasn’t telling the truth on March 10.”

The recovery of work-related emails also “raises the spectre of more classified information in those work related emails being on the personal server,” Henry noted, “despite Hillary Clinton also at that March 10 news conference saying no — there’s no classified information.”

Henry reached out to Nick Merrill, a Clinton campaign spokesperson, for comment on the story.

Merill said that “we’ve always cooperated with the FBI,” and “we simply don’t know what the FBI has and does not have.”

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