(Video) Carly Fiorina 'Very Satisfied' with Debate Performance

In an interview with Today’s Savannah Guthrie, Carly Fiorina said that she was “very satisfied” with how the Republican debate proceeded last night because she was able to successfully introduce herself to voters who didn’t know her.


Fiorina got perhaps the loudest applause of the debate when she calmly responded to Donald Trump’s barbs about her appearance. Fiorina deadpanned:

I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said.

Asked Guthrie:

He said last night that you have a beautiful face, and you’re a beautiful woman. What did you think of that response?

Fiorina laughed:

Well you know — Donald Trump says many things, … And we all have to live with what we’ve said.

Asked to explain what she said at the debate in response to Trump,  Fiorina said thoughtfully:

Women are still caricatured and scrutinized and criticized differently. And I think it’s only a woman who would be criticized for her appearance while running for the highest office in the land.

Carly went on to note that she wasn’t running for president because she’s a woman:

I’ve never been a token in my life. … Half the nation is women. We are half the potential of this nation.




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