The 7 Dumbest Ways ISIS Marked 9/11 Anniversary on Twitter

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The Islamic State started marking the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 al-Qaeda attacks early, beginning tweets under hashtags such as #AmericaUnderHacks — which was supposed to indicate a massive caliphate hacking operation. Some also used #Happy911 and similar phrases they hoped would get under Americans’ skin. Their anniversary social-media offensive suffered some stumbles, though.


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Those talented hackers. They’re going to prank call President Obama? Will he make the gutsy call to use caller ID and not pick up for ISIS?

2. Hashtag Fail

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Online jihadis often add trending hashtags to their tweets to draw eyes to their rants, even if the subject is totally unrelated. World Suicide Prevention Day was Sept. 10. But isn’t it counterproductive for jihadists to promote prevention of one of their favorite routes of martyrdom?

3. The Bad Intel


White House employees’ data! Look at that Cyber Caliphate swipe an Excel spreadsheet! Except… that’s not White House info. It’s a list of addresses: all staffers at the House of Representatives. And open-source info, too: names of legislative aides, their work emails, office and cell numbers. Fail.

4. The Old Intel

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I suppose if you claim your caliphate has the best ice cream and lattes on Earth, you have no qualms about claiming others’ hacks.


5. The 9/11 Cake

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Is it haram to fashion Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi out of chocolate sprinkles, as well?

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Apparently there’s more than one way to commit bakery jihad.

6. The Choco Truffle Terrorism

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But wait – so those cakes are haram? Or will the baking of 9/11 birthday cause the equivalent of a constitutional crisis in the land of Shariah?

7. The Ghostbusters Jihad

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 5.06.44 PM

ISIS tweeps love their photo editing software, though pretty sure this was lifted straight from the Ghostbusters 2 river of slime. Abu Bakr al-Vigo the Carpathian?


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