Trump OK with GOP Acting Like It's the Majority Party for Debt Ceiling Fight

That certainly would be different.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday said he thought it was “worth the fight” for congressional Republicans to threaten not to raise the U.S. debt limit as a way to pressure the Obama administration to agree to spending cuts.

“I would say that it’s worth the fight,” Trump said on Bloomberg TV. “Honestly there is so much fat in Washington that if you had the right people in there you could cut it.”


The Republicans have had a majority in the House for over four years now but you would be hard pressed to remember how many times they’ve flexed their muscles and used the power of the purse, especially when it comes to your regularly scheduled debt ceiling “negotiations.” I put quotation marks around “negotiations” because what really happens is that John Boehner blinks before the Democrats have even begun staring at him.

Let us be clear again: Donald Trump would not be the front-runner answering questions like this had GOP leadership not been so remarkably weak on issues precisely like this.

Whenever it is time to have the debt ceiling dance again, the Democrat mouthpieces in the press begin barking the “holding the U.S. government hostage” line that Dems love to trot out. GOP leadership then quails at the thought of the press blaming them for something even if they aren’t really doing what the press says they’re doing. Then all the blinking begins.


Gee, it’s difficult to see why a guy who keeps telling the MSM to kiss off is doing so well right now.


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