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Scott Walker Reveals Obamacare Replacement

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker rallied support in Minnesota on Tuesday after announcing a state campaign team including current and former legislative leaders. He took the opportunity to also unveil a proposed alternative to the Affordable Care Act. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports:

Walker’s alternative to the law commonly known as Obamacare would include tax credits to help uninsured people get coverage, determined not by income as with the current law, but by age. It would provide tax incentives for health care savings, and would give states more power to administer Medicaid programs. Walker, whose full proposal can be found here, called for retaining one popular feature of the law, the requirement that individuals not be restricted from purchasing insurance coverage because of a pre-existing medical condition.

“I want to be the nominee that lays out a clear contrast,” Walker said in morning remarks to an invite-only group at Cass Screw Machine Products, his first stop in a day of Twin Cities fundraising and politicking. “Not just that we’re against Obamacare, but here’s what we’re for, and here’s how we make it happen.”

The plan lands some distance from a free market, conceding that voters have bought into the pre-existing condition narrative. Strictly speaking, one cannot insure against something that has already happened. But we now live in a world where words have little meaning.