Comparing Trump's Surge to Gingrich's and Perry's in 2012 Cycle

Via the Washington Post:

If he holds his lead for another week or so, his surge will look different than Gingrich’s and Perry’s — particularly if the lead grows. It’s like we’re marching up the side of Everest in a blinding snowstorm. Maybe we’ll follow him to the summit! Maybe he’ll plummet into a crevasse, like Gingrich and Perry.


That’s the conclusion of the piece. Trump will break the recent mold a bit if he hangs on a little longer. The number of people in this field, coupled with the fact that the presumptive establishment favorite took a hit after the first debate will probably make for very different situation here.

Here is how it looks thus far compared to the two big surges in the last election cycle by candidates who did not win the nomination:
Poll Surge


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