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Chart of the Day: Who Are the Winners and Losers in the Iran Deal?

It’s one thing to read extensively about the nuclear agreement with Iran and realize that the U.S. and the West come out losers in the deal.

But when the details of the deal are presented using a chart showing what Iran, the U.S./West, and our regional allies get out of it, it’s very easy to see at a glance just how abysmal the U.S. fared at the negotiating table.

The chart linked to below was created by American Friends of Ateret Cohanim, a non-profit organization located in Jerusalem.

It was established during the Festival of Chanukah 36 years ago by Matityahu HaCohen Dan, a young, idealistic veteran of the Israel Defense Forces. The aim of Ateret Cohanim was and still is to fulfill a generations old dream of rebuilding & securing a United Jerusalem, strengthening our Jewish roots and reestablishing thriving Jewish communities that are centered around educational institutes in and around the Old City of Jerusalem.

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