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Bernie's Going to Speak at Liberty University Convocation to 'Reach Consensus'

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is going to the Christian university founded by Jerry Falwell where Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) launched his presidential campaign.

Sanders said he accepted an invitation from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., to speak at the Sept. 14 convocation.

That’s the mandatory student assembly that heard Cruz’s presidential announcement earlier in the year.

“Liberty University was kind enough to invite me to address a convocation and I decided to accept,” the professed socialist Sanders said.

His reasoning? Hillary’s challenger for the Democratic presidential nomination has said from the start that he’d go into the “red state” areas where Dems traditionally don’t seek votes.

“It goes without saying that my views on many issues – women’s rights, gay rights, education – are very different from the opinions of some in the Liberty University community,” Sanders said. “I think it is important, however, to see if we can reach consensus regarding the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality in our country, about the collapse of the middle class, about the high level of childhood poverty, about climate change and other issues.”

“It is very easy for a candidate to speak to people who hold the same views. It’s harder but important to reach out to others who look at the world differently. I look forward to meeting with the students and faculty of Liberty University.”

Last month, Sanders drew a crowd of 5,200 to a Houston rally and 8,000 to a Dallas event on a swing through Texas.

He’s kicking off the congressional recess with a Monday evening rally at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.