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MSNBC Reportedly Cancelling Ed Schultz

Predictable bedfellows.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders today released a statement about Ed Schultz‘s show being yanked from MSNBC.

Mediaite exclusively reported last night that The Cycle, Now with Alex Wagner, and The Ed Show are all getting the axe to make way for more straight-news programming.

MSNBC has not publicly confirmed it yet, but Sanders –– who has been on Schultz’s show many times and who clearly has a big fan in the MSNBC host –– already has a statement out criticizing NBCUniversal’s parent company, Comcast.

Here it is in full:

We live in a time when much of the corporate media regards politics as a baseball game or a soap opera. Ed Schultz has treated the American people with respect by focusing on the most important issues impacting their lives. He has talked about income and wealth inequality, high unemployment, low wages, our disastrous trade politics and racism in America.

I am very disappointed that Comcast chose to remove Ed Schultz from its lineup. We need more people who talk about the real issues facing our country, not fewer.

At a time when a handful of large, multi-national corporations own our major media outlets, I hope they will allow voices to be heard from those who dissent from the corporate agenda.

(Italics added)

Schultz was never quite able to create a niche as the slightly less obnoxious Keith Olbermann at MSNBC. He is an off-the-rails socialist who loves him some Bernie Sanders though. Big Ed’s refusal to cheer lead for Hillary may have as much to do with his dismissal as his ratings. Nobody at the network is pulling in monster numbers, after all.

As for Schultz’s respect for the American people, Comrade Bernie must not have been thinking about Republicans when he said that.