Video: Watch as Liberals Eagerly Sign Petition Promoting 'White Privilege Tax' on White People

This is both hysterically funny and frightening at the same time. Mike Dice, the merry trickster whose videos expose liberal stupidity (his most recent “petition” was to tear down Mount Rushmore for being “racist”), hit the jackpot with liberals signing on to promote a 1% “White Privilege Tax” on white people.


Asked to sign the petition to support a 1% income tax on all white Americans in order to “even out the playing field” and redistribute the wealth amongst minority communities, the first man in the clip is incredulous that such a policy would pass but signs his name to it anyway.

After a Puerto Rican man signs the petition, another individual who admits he is a non resident asks for clarification, remarking, “so in other words, tax the white man?” before signing the paper.

“We’re gonna take the silver spoon out of the white people’s mouths and put it back into yours,” Dice tells an African American man who enthusiastically signs the petition before stating, “appreciate it, man!”

A man wearing sunglasses then seems even more keen to support the white privilege tax, telling Dice, “You’re the kind of white dude I like, thank you…white dudes that promote this kind of stuff are aware of the white privilege.”

“Honestly, that’s awesome!” the man enthuses after signing the petition.

Thankfully, a number of individuals refused to sign the petition, realizing that fighting racism by instituting racist policies was a dumb idea.

The timing of the stunt is appropriate given recent revelations of a new government program that isn’t a million miles away from the notion of a white privilege tax.


Liberals just aren’t happy unless they’re inflicting pain on someone else — preferably their political enemies, or a target of their righteous wrath.

What makes this particular petition work as a spoof is that a white privilege tax would be a logical outgrowth of the privilege movement — as would internment camps for wrong-thinking whites, and perhaps even a gulag for those who are too stubborn for “re-education.” This is what the Soviets thought, believing they were doing political opponents a favor by showing them the true light of a communist Utopia.

On the other hand…let’s not give the social justice warriors any ideas.


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