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Senator Ted Cruz Tried to Reduce Government Spending by $169.4 Billion a Year

The National Taxpayers Union Foundation reports that Senator Ted Cruz (from Texas) has, during his time in the U.S. Senate, supported measures that would reduce government spending by $169.4 billion a year.

Demian Brady, NTUF director of Research, is quoted by Breitbart as saying:

Senator Cruz supported significant spending reductions like repeal of the Affordable Care Act and abolishing the IRS and income tax in favor of a sales tax. Combined with very minimal spending increases, these make for a legislative slate big on savings.

And that’s not all. Cruz also wants to repeal ObamaCare which would reduce government spending by an additional $64 billion a year.

The contrast with Democratic presidential candidates is stark. Bernie Sanders — Hillary Clinton’s main rival at the moment — wanted to increase spending by $1 trillion a year. Frontrunner Hillary didn’t go that far, but she still proposed an increase of $226 billion.

It goes to show that the 2016 elections are of vital importance for America’s future. If a real conservative like Cruz is elected, chances are that government spending will be cut, meaning the Treasury’s finances may finally become somewhat healthy. If, on the other hand, one of the Democrats wins, the U.S. will file for bankruptcy in a decade if not sooner. Both Hillary and Sanders are determined to spend America into bankruptcy. The only thing that can stop them is a solid conservative.

Below is a part of Cruz’s speech in which he announced he’d be running for president and promised that he would repeal ObamaCare if he’s elected.