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Here Is Trump's Answer When RNC Asks Him to Tone It Down

The Republican Party has long been cognizant of shifting demographics which translate to a doomed political future if the party cannot begin appealing to minority groups. White people will soon be the minority. Unless the GOP can start making inroads with non-whites, the party’s day may be done.

In that context, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus wants presidential candidate Donald Trump to “tone down his rhetoric” on immigration. Priebus reached out to the real estate mogul and reality television star recently. From the Associated Press:

“Priebus said, ‘I’d appreciate it if you could tone down your rhetoric about illegal immigrants coming across border and killing Americans,'” recounted [Trump campaign manager Corey] Lewandowski, who spoke directly to Trump about the conversation. “Mr. Trump said, this is an issue the American people care about, and I’m going to continue to talk about it.'”

Trump seemed to relish the latest dispute, posting a supporter’s Twitter message on his account Thursday that read, “Keep throwing those giant hand grenades into the amnesty debate. You’re pissing off all the right people in the GOP.”

Trump proceeds with a unique ability to ignore virtually everyone. With the capacity to self-finance and little to lose, he has no reason to stop saying whatever he wants.