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Video: Cyber Security Expert Says It's Not Feasible that Today's Glitches Were All a Coincidence

After a technical glitch that stopped floor trading for hours, the New York Stock Exchange re-opened trading Wednesday afternoon late in the session.

Also experiencing “glitches” today were United Airlines, the Wall Street Journal, the New York City subway system, and 2,500 people in Washington, D.C., who mysteriously lost power.

While both the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI insist there was nothing “malicious” about the the NYSE glitch, a cyber security expert said that he “cannot fathom how this can be a day that is just chock full of coincidences.”

Greg Keeley of the National Cybersecurity Institute  told Fox News that the North Koreans have taken credit for the “glitch” that took down the New York Stock Exchange today, although the Obama administration maintains it was not a cyber attack.

“For the administration to come out so hard and so fast and say this was not an attack I think is disingenuous…. This is a major attack and for us to bury our head in the sand is very troubling,” Keeley said.

“It’s just not feasible that this is all happening at once, and this is all some kind of technical glitch,” he concluded.

Video via Gateway Pundit: