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Annals of the .0001 Percent: Obama Heads for the Vineyard Yet Again

One of the nice things about being a limousine Leftist is that you never have to worry about cognitive dysfunction. You simply say one thing and do another:

August is coming, so you know what that means: President Obama and the fam will be coming, too. Barry, Michelle and the girls, Sasha and Malia, are scheduled to arrive for their annual summer holiday on Martha’s Vineyard on Aug. 8 and will depart Aug. 23, say our island spies. The first family reportedly will stay in the same swanky 8,100-square-foot, seven-bedroom, nine-bath cottage in Chilmark that they vacationed in last year.

Say this for the Obamas, they like their routines. The prez and his posse have spent 10 to 14 days on The Rock every summer of his presidency save 2012, when he was running for re-election. Because, you know, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous on one of the most exclusive island retreats in the country doesn’t go down well with the hoi polloi.

As usual, Obama will spend most of his vacation haunting the island’s three golf courses: Farm Neck, where a round of golf will cost you $170, the private Vineyard Golf Club and Mink Meadows, a nine-hole course where 18 will cost you just $35. (So you know the prez doesn’t spend a lot of time there …) And speaking of posh, word on the island is that Michelle and the girls (who usually do not stay the entire two weeks with the ’rents) have booked a manicurist to visit them three times a week while they are in residence. Because ain’t no one got time for raggedy cuticles on vacation.

Remember: this is the party of the poor, the downtrodden and the oppressed, which cares very passionately about people like you. Fore!