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Karl Rove Exhorts GOP Candidates to Adopt Failed 2012 Playbook

This guy needs some hobbies so he’ll leave us alone.

Now more than ever, it is imperative for every Republican presidential candidate to present a concrete plan to replace ObamaCare. The Affordable Care Act remains unpopular: Wednesday’s RealClearPolitics average of polls showed 51.4% disapprove while only 43.6% approve. Voters are more likely to be opposed than are adults overall, and opponents are more fervent than supporters.

For example, a June 14 CBS/New York Times poll found that 30% strongly opposed “the health care law that was passed in 2010,” while 24% strongly approved. The opposition would likely have been higher had pollsters labeled the law “ObamaCare.”

Though acceptance might rise following the Supreme Court’s tortured decision last week to uphold the law’s subsidies, opposition may only strengthen as the 2016 election approaches. ObamaCare participants are older and sicker than expected, so insurers are asking for big premium increases. The average requested premium hike, across 45 states and the District of Columbia, is nearly 24%, according to data from

While I am not in complete disagreement about continuing to battle and pick away at this monstrosity, I don’t think it needs to be the centerpiece of the presidential election. The time for that was 2012 and the GOP thoroughly blew the opportunity by nominating the ONE Republican who had no street cred whatsoever to battle the idea of government run healthcare.

One thing I am certain that the Republican nominee shouldn’t do in this election is appear to be looking backwards. The party doesn’t need to run against Barack Obama a third time, especially when considering how disastrous the first two attempts were. To be focusing on him and his most dubious achievement when he isn’t even in the race would be a bit…obsessive.

Focusing on Obamacare also makes things a little too easy on Hillary. She is already getting a free pass from the MSM, she doesn’t need one from the GOP field as well. If Obamacare is mentioned, do it to force her into actually taking a position on the growing disgruntlement the polling data Rove mentions represents. Ask her what she plans to do to address the ballooning premiums.

The more opponents wear Hillary down, the less she and her handlers can keep up the charade. Her nasty, imperious tendencies will assert themselves and show the public just how awful she is. There is no reason to let her hide behind an issue from the previous presidential election.