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Just in Time for Summer, Step Inside the ISIS Ice Cream Shop

Like a stranger luring a kid into a car with a candy bar, ISIS has previously touted its sweet treats in its recruitment efforts. “If you were worried about leaving behind your local Costa Coffee then you will be happy to know that the Caliphate serves some of the best lattes and cappuccinos around,” British ISIS member Abu Rumaysah al-Britani wrote in May’s A Brief Guide to the Islamic State. For the jihadi sweet tooth, he noted, ISIS ice cream is “fluffy, velvety and sweet” and “Snickers, Kit Kat, Bounty, Twix, Kinder Surprise, Cadburys — yes, yes we have it all.” Yesterday, ISIS released photos of ice cream and smoothies being served in Iraq’s Kirkuk province.


The authorities have showed up to ensure everyone really enjoys their ice cream, or else


As ISIS tempts the globe with its treats, we are reminded that every McDonald’s in the world sells soft-serve


Garnished with Pepto-Bismol flavor?


Next door is the ISIS smoothie bar, where your smoothie will include bananas by order of al-Baghdadi


Soft serve and smoothies in one convenient location! So awesome that the pastry seller far left is totally over it.


The people of Hawijah could have done without the arrival of the ISIS ice cream truck