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Hillary Clinton, Who Opposed Gay Marriage Until 2013, Is Totes 'Proud' of Today's SCOTUS Ruling

In a series of tweets that should win the Pander-Bear award for most pathetic pandering in presidential  politicking, Hillary Clinton bravely celebrated the Supreme Court’s “historic” ruling on same sex marriage:

Clinton, of course, didn’t “evolve” on marriage until 2013. She went from being a staunch supporter of traditional marriage to being absolutely giddy about it within the span of two years.

As Conor Friedersdorf noted in the Atlantic a year ago, Hillary ran for president in 2008 openly opposing gay marriage. And she didn’t “evolve” until it became crystal clear that the political winds had shifted in the opposite direction.

In a primary, Clinton could be forced to explain a longtime position that a significant part of that Democratic political coalition now views as suspect or even bigoted. Most famously, the Silicon Valley left forced the ouster of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for a 2008 donation he made to an anti-gay-marriage ballot initiative. That same year, Clinton ran for president while openly opposing gay marriage. If she is to be believed, she also opposed gay marriage as recently as 2013, long after a majority of Americans already held a more gay-friendly position. Would the subset of Democrats who thought 2008 opposition to gay marriage should prevent a man from becoming CEO in 2013 really support the 2015 presidential campaign of a woman who openly opposed gay marriage until last year?

I can’t blame the media too much for failing to make Clinton explain her past “bigoted” position. Since she announced her candidacy in April, an avalanche of Clinton scandals  have given them more than enough to write about.

But we mustn’t underestimate the average Democrat voter’s capacity for hypocrisy and double think. That’s what will pull her through in the end.


Via Twitchy:

Senator Hillary Clinton in 2004 spoke forcefully in favor of traditional marriage, calling it “a sacred bond between a man and a woman, a bedrock of civilization stretching back into the mists of time, and the main purpose of marriage is for raising children.”