Uber Bans Firearms in Cars

Car service and free market darling Uber has modified its firearm policy to forbid drivers and passengers from possessing a firearm even if they are legally permitted to do so.


The service previously allowed drivers or “partners” as they call them, to carry a firearm as long as local, state, and federal laws were respected.

But now Uber says, “we have adopted a no-firearms policy to ensure that both drivers and riders feel safe and comfortable on the platform.”

Uber Policy

I feel safe and comfortable when I am equipped to protect myself from threats of violence, thank you very much.

Uber says it revised its policy after “reviewing recent feedback from both riders and driver-partners.” As a frequent Uber user, I have no idea if one of my drivers has a firearm so I wonder where this “feedback” came from. Color me suspicious that this issue was raised by Uber’s customers and not some astroturffed operation set up by the gun grabbers.  Criminals love “gun free zones” and you just gave them some more sitting ducks to target.

Shame on you, Uber.


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