Movement to Draft Elizabeth Warren Decides to Get Behind Bernie

Progressives who tried to draft Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for president in 2016 have decided to move on.

But the leaders of the Ready for Warren movement are not ready to move over to Hillary Clinton.


Ready for Warren has transformed into Ready to Fight, and it’s ready to fight for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“We believe the movement to draft Warren fundamentally changed the terms of the 2016 debate, and these days, just about every Democrat running for president seems to sound a lot like Warren. Few people have ever played as large a role in a Democratic presidential primary without even entering the race,” leaders Erica Sagrans and Charles Lenchner wrote in a CNN op-ed.

“But having demonstrated how much support Elizabeth Warren has, we’ve spent the past few weeks listening to our grassroots supporters and the progressive community about what they want to do next. And one thing we heard time and again is that they’re ready to play a big role in 2016, fighting alongside Warren on issues like trade, student debt, and reining in Wall Street,” they added.

So they looked for a “Warren wing” candidate — and after polling supporters 56 percent “have urged us to back Bernie Sanders as the candidate currently running for president who best embodies the values that Warren champions.”


Ready to Fight officially endorsed Sanders with its Friday transformation from Ready for Warren.

Sanders had a message for them today: Come on in.

“Elizabeth Warren is a good friend. Like millions of her supporters around the country, I have great respect and admiration for her,” Sanders said today. “That is why it is so gratifying that so many people who wanted Elizabeth to run for president are now getting behind our campaign to restore America’s middle class and take on Wall Street and the big banks.”

His campaign said former draft-Warren staffers are already working for the Sanders effort in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Sanders is polling at 12 percent nationally compared to Clinton’s 57 percent in the latest Monmouth poll out last week. He’s only 10 percent behind Clinton in New Hampshire.


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