Good Thing There's Nothing Important Going On In the World

The family that plays golf and vacations together stays together. Or, in the case of the First Family, not. Fore!

Man, the fun never stops. President Obama continues to cast a pall of unseriousness over his presidency, which was already of questionable seriousness, planning a weekend of golf out in California following two days of fundraising on the Left Coast. This just a week after throwing a White House bash for 500 of his closest friends. Meanwhile, his wife is on a taxpayer-funded excursion to Europe where she is promoting health and education overseas while taking in some sights with her daughters and her mother.

According to the Washington Examiner, Obama will golf in Palm Springs even amidst drought, a prospect that should deeply annoy enviros and Californians forced to restrict their water use. Golf courses are notorious guzzlers of water.


Meanwhile, the First Lady is off on yet another jaunt to exotic places, because she can:

The Obama ladies continued their tour of Europe on Friday, with the first lady getting the shock of her life while looking at baby clothes with expectant mothers. Obama was seen with her mouth agape as she held up one tiny frock. Malia meanwhile enjoyed some laughs as the family served food to military members and their families, but Sasha looked less than impressed to be spending the day working the food line.

The family, minus President Obama, are visiting soldiers and their families stationed in Italy as part of their European trip. They spent time with soldiers and their families at the US Army Garrison Vicenza, taking time to thank them for their service and pose for photos. Obama is also scheduled to do a book-reading with children and meet expectant mothers on the base to discuss the challenges faced by military families, particularly those that are stationed overseas.

The trip is part of Obama’s Joining Forces initiative, which urges and encourages all Americans to rally around military members and their families. It has been a busy week for the family, who also spent time in London where the first lady enjoyed tea with Prince Harry and Milan where Sasha and Malia snuck off for a museum visit and a bit of shopping. The ladies are also scheduled to make a visit to the award-winning US Pavilion at the Venice Biennale contemporary art show.

The first lady and her two daughters visited Milan’s Duomo cathedral on Thursday, where an official traveling with her said they lit candles in memory of the victims of the shooting in South Carolina.


Where’s that countdown clock?


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