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Leaked Doc Reveals: Pope Enraged Over Climate Change, Calls for Redistribution of Wealth

For those still unconvinced that the current pope was raised under a Soviet-inspired pro-socialist climate, the UK Independent reports:

Pope Francis warned that the world is heading for “unprecedented destruction” unless mankind confronts climate change and reforms the way it treats the planet, as the most eagerly anticipated papal document in living memory was leaked.


In a 192-page encyclical on global warming that looks set to define his tenure, the Pope paints an apocalyptic picture in which the world’s poorest are the biggest victims of a web of environmental, human, financial and ethical degradation that puts the entire planet at risk.

In an extraordinarily frank document, the Pope lambasts rich countries for “looting” the world and takes aim at bankers and climate sceptics for accelerating its decline.

Apparently these encyclicals are directed towards a general audience, not just Catholics. The pope’s goal is to change the thinking of “right wing” Christians, perhaps not so much about the environment as the economy:

And he is withering about the financial system.

“The economic powers shall continue to justify the current world system, in which speculation and and the aim for financial returns to prevail that tend to ignore each context and the effects on the environment and on human dignity. So clearly it reveals that environmental, human and ethical degradation are intimately connected,” he wrote.

Sounding more like a Marxist radical than a religious leader, the pope calls for changes “in the methods of production and consumption,” revealing that climate change has nothing to do with loving animals and everything to do with fueling class warfare.


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